Monday, February 14, 2011

The "V" Word (no, not that one, the other one)

I know what you’re thinking. Something along the lines of: here comes Rachael’s tirade about how commercialized Valentine’s Day is, how it doesn’t mean anything at all about love, how it was another holiday created by the capital-T They to help keep us oppressed, etc. etc. etc.
                And I almost did.
                But then I thought back to Super Bowl Sunday (this connects, I swear) and how Loren and I were joking the whole game about how professional sports has to be fixed, from professional baseball to the World Cup, poking fun at how the Black Eyed Peas seemed to have escaped Tron, and me feeling bad for how quickly Christina Aguilera gets blasted all over the internet within minutes of her performance ( I could write a whole blog post about how ridiculous I think all of that was, for one flubbed line. Sigh), and then our conversation turns back to our conspiracy theory about fixed sports when I look over at Droidlet. Our smiling, drooling little guy, watching us talk even though he has no idea what we are saying and I think:
                Our son is going to be so jaded.
                Which, of course, is an exaggeration. The thought was there, then it passed, and it didn’t come up again until I sat down to write my ohemgeevalentine’sdaysucks blog. Because I realized something. I’m actually going to be stoked when he comes home from school one day and wants to do Valentine’s Day crafts, or make homemade Star Wars valentines for his friends. And of course my heart is probably going to burst when he brings home his first valentine for Funk and I – the cheesy cut out lace doilies and lopsided hearts, or even macaroni noodles, or who knows, by the time Droidlet is in school maybe he will be designing it on Photoshop.
                So, I stopped myself. True, I think Valentine’s Day is completely over commercialized. True, I think that we should be showing the people that we love in our lives that we love them everyday – not just try and do something super duper special on one day out of the year. Yes, I believe that the “holiday” seems sort of arbitrary. And no, I don’t think down on anyone who does celebrate it. There was a time when I celebrated with roses and boxes of chocolates; there was a time where I always went to the pub with a bunch of friends, celebrating our “singleness.” In all honesty, even today I am bringing my class Blow Pops and chocolates.
                But Funk and I are going to have a normal night. We are going to cook dinner, hang out with our Droidlet, probably cuddle on the couch and continue to show each other how much we love each other. Just like we do every other day of the year. No presents, no giant heart-shaped cards. Just our little family. And maybe a little note that says “all my base are belong to you.”
                And man, I cannot wait for all of these jewelry commercials and internet ads about heart shaped diamond necklaces and “showing her you care” by buying blingy heart earrings to be gone…
                I mean, happy V word day.


  1. right i hate those commercials, especially the one where the husband and wife are sitting on the couch and the wife keeps rewinding the jewelry commercial to hint to her husband that she wants the hideous necklace thats on sale, ugh so annoying

  2. Heather and I groan over the one where, I kid you not, the grown woman is frightened by thunder until comforted by the man and given a diamond necklace.

    Because pets and women are both frightened by thunder. Possibly because they don't understand where the loud noise is coming from?

    Loathe that one.

  3. Oh man, I am so happy I haven't seen the thunder one *facepalm*

  4. Dani and I are in the same boat with trying to take the emphasis off this one "magical" day where you have to spend obnoxious amounts of money to make up for neglecting those you love the rest of the year. Sure we bought each other chocolates, but that was partly because I found this new chocolate shop in town with flavors I really had to try(seriously, look at I mean, sweet potato truffles, margarita truffles, GUINNESS truffles!), and last night we went to a pub for dinner and drinks, which is probably what we would have done any other Monday(Mondays are "pint night", $3 pints of everything). She bought me a 99 cent store card, and we just enjoyed time together, like we would anyway. No need to get caught up in all the red roses and diamonds, just show the love you have regardless :^)

  5. Exactly, JR. And see, you made it sound so much less cynical!